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Classic Arms Corp. Custom George Gibbs .22 Long Rifle $33,450

Baby Farquharson .28-30 Stevens & .360 No.5

Three Barrel Set  

28" tapered round .22LR barrel by Ron Smith with original Gibbs target

spirit-level front sight and Rigby flats at breech; engraved Classic Arms


28" tapered round .28-30 Stevens barrel by Ron Pence with ramp front sight,

1 standing and 2 folding leaf rear sights on matted quarter rib, Parker-Hale 3x

Huntascope with fine crosshairs reticle on their proprietary hand-

detachable rings fitting directly to quarter-rib dovetails without separate

bases, and with Rigby flats at breech; engraved Classic Arms Corporation.

26" tapered octagon .360 No.5 original Gibbs barrel restored by Steve

Heilmann, with blade front sight, 1 standing and 1 folding leaf rear sight

marked 50 and 100 yards; engraved Gibbs, Bristol.

Stocks by James Tucker, with figured California English walnut harvested in

1965, including three separate matching forends, each with horn forend tips,

keyed fasteners in engraved escutcheons, classic flat-topped point-pattern

checkering with mullered borders, flat sidepanels fore & aft, horn-capped

pistol grip, and smooth steel buttplate. Furniture by Don Brown. Vernier

tang sight by Joe Lozito.

Casehardened, miniature Gibbs Farquharson falling block action with

sidelever safety, rebuilt by John Wills, with new pins, new interchangeable

rimfire breechblock and extractor, and upper tang with integral boss for

mounting tang sight. Extensive fine English scroll engraving by Larry Peters.

Pull: 13 5/8". Weight 7lbs, 4oz as an iron-sighted .22 rimfire.

In Ray Sterck oak & leather case with brass corners and engraved brass

escutcheon, lined in blue baize. With 3 fluted-horn-handled turnscrews,

horn-handled cleaning rod with selection of tips, machined and fire-blued

steel oil bottle, grease-pot, and container holding extra breechblock and

small parts for centerfire cartridge barrels, 2 machined breech thread covers,

and keyed brass case latch, all by John Millar. Extra inserts and tools for

.22LR barrel sprit-level front sight. 20 rounds machined .360 No.5 brass with

engraved headstamps, 20 rounds new Bertram .28-30 Stevens brass, original

(empty) box for Eley .360 No.5 cartridges. Vintage .360 No.5 snap cap.

Instructions for changing barrels and stocks. Trade labels for both Classic

Arms Corporation and George Gibbs. Leather trimmed canvas overcase and

 muslin overcover. New, by Classic Arms Corporation.

Alexander Henry Hammer Falling Block .450 3 1/4" BPE $7,950

Single Shot Stalking Rifle

27" round Henry-rifled barrel of fluid steel with block-mounted fine bead

front sight, 1 standing and 1 folding platinum-lined leaf sights. 14"pull from

checkered trigger to checkered steel trapdoor buttplate. Barrel Patent Use

No. 1454. Action Patent Use No. 352. Highly figured English walnut stocks

with horn forend tip, escutcheoned key fastener, classic point-pattern

checkering, sling eyes, scroll engraved steel pistol grip cap and vacant

silver initial oval. Fine scroll engraved receiver and sidelock action with left

hammer and stalking safety. Weight: 6lbs, 13oz. Built 1869. 98% blue. Faint 

traces casehardening colors. Crisp engraving. Excellent bore.

Gary L. Henry Custom Percussion .54 Calibre $4,295

  Hawken Rifle

36" full octagon Bauska barrel signed G HENRY with nickel-silver blade

front sight and smoothly dovetailed single buckhorn rear sight and brass-

tipped oak ramrod fastened in twin pipes to solid square bottom barrel rib.

Figured tiger maple half stock with pewter forend tip, double key fasteners,

double set triggers in pistol-grip triggerguard, long tang false breech, right

hand cheekpiece and steel crescent buttplate. H Robbins percussion lock.

All metalwork lustrously browned. Weight: 9lbs, 15oz. Built 1975. Little


J. Jiracek, Prague Hammer, Toplever, Sidelock unknown 9mmR $2,995


25" tapered round barrel of Krupp steel with full-length integral matted rib,

dovetailed blade front sight, 1 standing and 1 folding leaf sight, claw mount

bases, and doll's head extension. Fully figured walnut, stocked to the muzzle

and with staghorn muzzle cap, sculptured ramrod form, sling bale, and

Deeley-release removable rear section. Long horn-capped pistol grip, rear

swivel, classic point-pattern checkering, classic comb, and original striated

horn buttplate. Fine scroll engraved sidelock action with arcaded fences,

rebounding hammer, and double-set triggers. Pull: 13 5/8". Weight: 5lbs,

10oz. Drop: 1 5/8" - 2 3/4". Prague nitro proof in 1907. Good bore. A little

loose on the face. 95%blue. Traces casehardening colors.


Monte Kennedy Custom Ruger No.1 .22-250 $3795

26" tapered round Ruger barrel with Buehler scope mount base. Densely

figured, oil finished European walnut stock with angled ebony forend tip,

classic wrap-around point-pattern checkering, crisp flat sidepanels,

checkered steel pistol grip cap, swivel studs, classic comb with beaded

cheekpiece, and checkered steel buttplate. All metalwork finished matte

blue. Canjar single-set trigger. Pull: 13 3/8". Weight: 8lbs, 11oz. Built in 1975

on 4-digit Ruger No.1 action. New condition.


Al Lind Custom Ruger No.1 .300 Win. Mag. $3,575

26" tapered round Ruger barrel with Buehler scope mount base. Figured, oil

finished walnut stock with long angled ebony forend tip, beavertail forend,

wrap-around point-pattern borderless skip-line checkering augmented with

floral carving, flat sidepanels, steel skeleton pistol grip cap, classic comb

with beaded cheekpiece, and elephant hide covered recoil pad. All

metalwork finished bright. Single-set trigger fitted by Ed LaPour.

Pull: 14 1/2". Weight: 7lbs, 15oz. Built 2009. With paperwork. Little used.


J M Marlin Ballard No. 6 1/2 Third Model .38-55 $14,975

Rigby Off-Hand Mid Range

30" round barrel with Rigby flats, the top flat with Ballard banner intertwined

around an arrow, engraved at muzzle and with Ballard globe front sight.

Checkered, figured walnut, high-comb stock with horn-inlaid S-curved pistol

grip, cheekpiece, horn schnabel forend tip with extended widow's peak, &

nickel-plated brass Farrow-pattern scheutzen buttplate. Scroll engraved,

rebated and faceted receiver with elk on left and buffalo on right. Finger

loop loading lever. Checkered single trigger. Vernier tang sight. Weight:

9lbs, 11oz. Built ca 1880. 95% blue, 75% casecolors. Excellent bore.


Custom Marlin No.6 Off-Hand Scheutzen Rifle .22 LR $13,950.


28" octagon-to-round barrel with fine wedding-band transition, windage-

adjustable spirit-level globe front sight, lined from .40 calibre to .22LR by

Arthur Hubalek. Superbly executed new custom stock of highly figured

European walnut, in Ballard's traditional off-hand scheutzen style, with

horn-inlaid schnabel forend tip, horn-inlaid S-curve pistol grip, classic point-

pattern checkering, high comb, cheekpiece, perch belly and silver-plated

Swiss buttplate. Silver plated action with rebated frame, double-set triggers,

ball-and-spur lever with smooth walnut inserts and mid-range vernier tang

peep sight, scroll and game scene engraved by Arnold Griebel, ca 1963---running

rabbits on the right and a squirrel in woodland scene on left. Winchester A-5

scope with fine crosshairs on micrometer-adjustable target mounts. Pull: 13

7/8". Weight: 11lbs, 11oz. Mfd ca 1887. Retaining 99%+ barrel blue, 99%

receiver silver plating and 98% hammer and breechblock casehardening

colors. Excellent bore.


Marlin Ballard No. 5 Pacific .38-55 $4,395

30" full octagon barrel with Beech combination front sight and wooden

ramrod. Rebated frame with slender double-set triggers and reverse-curved

hammer. Tang peep sight. Walnut stocks with schnabel forend tip, straight

grip and casehardened crescent buttplate. 98% barrel blue, 70%

casehardening colors. Also including proper nickel-blade front sight, Rocky

Mountain rear barrel sight, original Marlin combination loading tool, and

box of original paper-patched bullets.


J M Marlin Ballard No.5 Pacific .40-63 $4,750

Ballard Everlasting

30" full-octagon barrel with Beach combination front sight and Rocky

Mountain rear sight. Walnut stock with schnabel forend, straight grip and

steel crescent buttplate. Wooden ramrod in two thimbles under barrel and

sliding into forend. Flat-sided frame with split breechblock, thick double-set

triggers, finger-loop lever, checkered hammer and vernier tang peep sight.

Pull: 13 5/8". Weight: 10lbs. Early serial number 11xx. Retaining 95% barrel

blue and 25% receiver casehardening colors. Excellent bore.


Blaser Model BL821 Luxus Grade .243 Win. $7,250

Falling Block Single Shot

23 1/2" barrel fitted inside an exterior tapered octagon outer "barrel" with

ramp front sight, sling swivel, and integral matted quarter rib with standing

express sight. Fully figured, oil-finished Turkish walnut stock with schnabel

forend-tipped splinter forend, black-capped pistol grip, point-pattern skip-

line checkering, fluted Bavarian cheekpiece, hinged trap for four cartridges,

and maker's original black composition buttplate. Stainless steel, falling-

block action cocks on the last half-inch of closing the underlever, would

normally be carried safely in the field, loaded, but with the underlever just a

half-inch short of being cocked, and may then be safely de-cocked with the

press of a button on the top tang. An almost redundant cross-pin safety,

mounted to the loading lever behind the trigger, at the shooter's option,

locks out the lever from closing fully and cocking the rifle. With Swarovski

Habicht 2.2-9x42mm Nova rail-mount scope with 30mm tube and fine 4A

duplex reticle on ERA Recknagel Classic steel quick-turn-off mounts fitted

discreetly to the rib. Coin-finished action engraved with oakleaf-bordered

game scenes of baying elk over a fallen comrade on left, a buck and doe on

right, another pair on the grip cap, and oakleaves covering the cartridge

trap. Pull: 14 1/4" from adjustable trigger. Weight: 8lbs, 4oz scoped; 6lbs,

15oz without. Built 1982 - 1990. Little used and with excellent bore.


John Dickson & Son Martini-Actioned Stalking Rifle .303 British $9,975

24" barrel with full solid matted rib, protected front bead sight, sling eye, 1

standing, 2 folding and tangent elevator rear platinum-lined leaf sights. Fully

figured European walnut stock with horn-capped splinter forend, bakelite-

capped pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering, sling eye, vacant silver

oval, and scroll engraved steel trapdoor buttplate. Partial coverage, fine

scroll and border engraved, high-polish blued Martini action with lever

safety, cocking indicator, casehardened loading lever and Lyman-style

folding tang peep sight. Pull: 14 3/4". Weight: 6lbs, 15oz. Built 1900. Nitro

proofed. 99% barrel blue. 95% receiver blue. Enfield rifled and with excellent

bore. In original leather & brass-trimmed canvas trunk case with accessories

and maker's label.


Hastings & Hagn Custom Falling Block Rifle 20ga, 3 1/2" $10,950

26" fully-rifled round barrel with integral long full-band front sight, integral

full-band swivel base, and integral lugged quarter rib dovetailed for direct

attachment of [included] Talley 1" fixed rings and with 1 standing and 2

folding gold-lined express sights. Fully figured Turkish walnut stock with

Alex Henry forend---the barrel's stout lug-grooves soundly bedded in

complementary grooves inside the forend---classic English flat-top point-

pattern checkering with mullered borders, flat sidepanels fore and aft, steel-

capped pistol grip, beaded pancake cheekpiece, rear swivel stud and

pigskin-covered recoil pad. Casehardened, large-frame Hagn MHK4 falling

block action with sculptured loading lever, automatic ejector and gold-inlaid

rotary top tang safety, marked Martini & Hagn on falling block, fine scroll

engraved and with "HASTINGS & HAGN" in ribands on sides of action.

Pull: 14 1/4". Weight: 9lbs, 7 1/2oz without scope rings. Excellent condition,

retaining 99% barrel blue, 99% casehardening colors, and an excellent bore.

Built as a display piece for Hastings Ammunition and including a case of

100 rounds of Hastings 20 gauge, 3 1/2" sabot slug ammunition.


Steve Heilmann Custom Ruger No.1 .35 Whelen $17,850

22" tapered round barrel with hooded full-band front sight, custom swivel

base, and quarter rib with 1 standing and two folding gold-lined express

sights, engraved: S. R. Heilmann, Grass Valley, California. Highly figured

walnut stock with ebony forend tip, classic wrap-around point-pattern

checkering with mullered borders, skeleton steel pistol grip cap---checkered

within, classic comb, beaded pancake cheekpiece, inletted and pedestalled

rear swivel base and skeleton steel buttplate---also checkered within. Ruger

No.1 action with knuckle removed, integral sideplates added, and custom

safety with S and F inlaid in gold. Extensively engraved by Barry Lee Hands:

baying elk on left, mule deer buck on right---all surrounded with foliate

scroll. Scroll on front sight band, front swivel base, barrel breech,

casehardened loading lever, grip cap, and buttplate. Fire-blued small parts

by Barry Lee Hands. Leupold VX-II 2.5x20mm matte-finish scope with fine

duplex reticle on Turnbull-casehardened Warne quick-detachable rings

mounted directly to quarter-rib dovetails without separate bases. Blue by

Michael Baiar of Half Moon Barrels. Pull: 14". Weight: 7lbs 7oz. New



Steven Dodd Hughes California Half-Stock .54 calibre $5495

Percussion Rifle

32" hooked-breech slightly-tapered full-octagon barrel by Lynn Weimer

with deep-cut 1:60 twist rifling to stabilize a round ball, percussion-fenced

breechblock, blade front sight, base for (included) Rocky Mountain rear

sight, custom tang peep sight, and with brass-tipped ramrod retained by

double thimbles. Stocked in well-cured French walnut with cast-in-place

pewter forend tip, escutcheoned key fastener, steel triggerguard with

pineapple finial and pistol-grip tang, classic borderless flat-top checkering,

beaded cheekpiece, inletted patchbox and toeplate---both with pineapple

finials, and crescent steel buttplate. Bar-action sidelock action by Griffith

Tool Co., with double-set triggers by Walter Cain. Engraved by Mark Drain.

Maker's gold-inlaid SDH cartouche at breech. Pull: 13 7/8". Drop: 1 5/8" - 2

3/4". Cast-off: 1/2". Weight: 8lbs, 11oz. Blued barrel, casehardened lock,

breechblock and patchbox, and with registered and fire-blued screws.

Completed in 1987; the prototype for Steven Hughes series of nine

California rifles. Very little used---although two blacktail deer were taken

with the rifle by the maker, Steven Hughes. Pictured on the cover of GUNS

Magazine, April 1989, a copy of which, amongst other paperwork, is



W J Jeffrey Farquharson .450/400 3" Nitro $19,750

Falling Block Rifle Express

26" round Krieger 1:14 twist barrel with Jeffrey taper, detented-hooded full-

band front sight, custom platform-based swivel stud, 1 standing and 2

folding platinum-lined island-mounted express sights regulated for 50, 100

and 200 yards. Exhibition walnut stock by Al Lind with horn forend tip,

classic point-pattern checkering with mullered borders, steel trapdoor pistol

grip cap, escutcheon-mounted rear swivel stud, mercury recoil compensator

inside buttstock, and impala-leather-covered recoil pad. Original Jeffrey

No.1 Farquharson action trued and restored by Ed LaPour and Roger Ferrell with

several-newly made internal parts and converted from side safety to manual

top tang safety. Fine scroll engraved in original Jeffrey pattern by Bob

Evans on newly surface-ground receiver. Pull: 14 1/2". Weight: 9lbs, 13

1/2oz. Cast: Straight. Originally built ca 1903. Retailed by Lyon & Lyon,

Calcutta. Rebuilt in 2004. Retaining 99%+ barrel blue, 95% receiver

casehardening colors and 90% small-parts fire-blue. Excellent bore. In Huey

full-length oak & leather trunk case. With extensive details pertaining to its



Ruger Model No.1 .257 Wby. Mag. $4,375

  Custom by Turnbull

26" tapered round Hart barrel with Talley full-band swivel base and

casehardened quarter rib fitted with Talley casehardened 30mm quick-

detachable rings. Custom figured walnut stocks by Turnbull with Alex

Henry forend, custom forend mounting-screw assembly, casehardened

trapdoor pistol grip cap, classic borderless point-pattern checkering,

casehardened and inletted rear swivel base, and thin leather-covered recoil

pad. Casehardened action and lever with Jard trigger. Pull: 13 5/8". Weight:

7lbs, 14oz. Built up in 2018. 99%+blue, 99% casehardening colors. With

target showing three shots into one hole at 100 Yards.


Custom Sharps Freund 1878 Borchardt Rifle .50-140 Sharps $13,750

30" original Sharps heavy full octagon barrel, marked both Old Reliable /

Sharps Rifle Co and Freund's Patent 1880, Durango Colo., with Freund's

patent blade front sight and tangent rear sight. Highly figured English

walnut stock by Classic Arms Corporation with horn forend tip, classic

point-pattern checkering with mullered borders, sidepanel details, horn-

inlaid S-curve pistol grip, long range vernier tang peep sight, beaded pancake

cheekpiece and checkered steel buttplate. Original Sharps Borchardt action,

casecolored, fine border-scroll engraved and with two bison on right and

wolves circling a bison on left by Robert Swartley. In full-length oak trunk

case with engraved brass escutcheon.


Custom Sharps 1877 Long Range Creedmoor .45-70                          $8650.

Target Rifle

34″ heavy round barrel with Ballard Rifle Company spirit-level globe front

sight, no provision for a rear sight, and Ballard Rifle Company vernier tang

sight with 5” staff. Windage-adjustable Creedmoor-style sight mount on heel

of stock. Highly figured, streaky European walnut with 1878 Sharps style

flat-point-checkered round forearm with ebony tip, secured with two bushed

screws rather than the single key of the 1878 Sharps forearm. Buttstock is

nearly identical to the 1877 long range Creedmoor stock with deep S-curved

pistol grip. Reproduction Sharps embossed hard rubber buttplate. Color

casehardened receiver, lever, lockplate and hammer. Pull: 13 7/8". Weight:

9lbs, 8oz. Appears new & unfired, retaining virtually all of its fine custom

finish to both metal & wood with bright blue on the barrel and brilliant case

colors elsewhere. Wood is sound with a few light handling & storage nicks

& scratches. Hammer is not solid in safety notch, otherwise mechanics are

crisp; brilliant shiny bore.


US Springfield 1879 Trapdoor .45-70 $2,250

32 5/8" round barrel with two barrel bands, Buffington long range elevator

rear sight, and VP/EagleP proofs. Low-arch breechblock marked US Model

1873. Small-button, slotted-head cleaning rod. Flush, unbeveled, undated

lockplate marked with eagle and US Springfield. Straight-grooved trigger

with two-piece triggerguard. Fine-border-checkered hammer. Casehardened

tang. SWP 1886 cartouche on left side of stock. P in oval behind

triggerguard on butt. W O CODEY stamped into left rear of buttstock.

Smooth blued steel buttplate. 98%blue. Excellent bore.


Stevens Model 44 .25 RF $1,575

26" tapered round barrel with Marbles sights front and rear. Checkered

walnut stocks with schnabel forend and crescent steel buttplate. 99% barrel

blue, 98% case colors on receiver and buttplate. Barrel numbered to receiver.

Excellent bore.


Custom Webley Model 1902 Falling Block .22 Hornet $19,650

by Classic Arms Corporation.  Rifle No.32

25 1/2" tapered round barrel by Ron Smith, with full-length Fraser-style smooth

solid rib by Anthony Fleming, rising at the muzzle for a beaded blade front

sight, and towards the rear for a quarter rib bearing a single standing

express sight engraved for 100 yards. Fully figured walnut stocks by James

Tucker with ebony forend tip, flat sidepaneled fore and aft the action, steel

capped pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering with mullered borders

and with flat-pointed diamonds at the wrist, beaded pancake cheekpiece,

and checkered steel trapdoor buttplate. Light scroll engraved, subtly grey-

etched, cylindrical falling block action marked Webley 1902 Patent and with

their winged bullet on the right, and engraved Jn. Rigby & Co. on the left,

and with automatic top tang safety with SAFE inlaid in gold. Mountless 10x

target scope with very fine crosshair reticle on elegant diminutive John

Millar recoil-absorbing rings fitted directly to the quarter rib without

separate bases, with windage adjustments in both bases and both windage

and elevation knobs in the rear ring. Pull: 14 5/8". Weight: 10lbs, 2oz. New,

as custom built.


Wells & Wells, Custom Unlimited Class 6mmPPC $3450

Prescott, AZ Benchrest Rail Gun

Two, interchangeable, 26" cylindrical barrels, 1.35" in diameter from Matco

blanks, fitted by Fred Wells. Custom-made, one-off, toolroom action hand

built by Fred Wells from a concept of Arthur Freund of St. Louis, with left

hand Remington 700-type bolt, right hand ejection port, top-plunger bolt

release, full-length integral scope mount base and Burns/Remington trigger

with 2oz pull. The fully-shrouded action alone measures 16 1/2" long and 3"

wide. The barreled action is mounted to a sliding carriage machined from

solid aluminum, which rests on a lower base, with leveling spikes and

adjustments for for windage and elevation, machined from solid aluminum

by Bill Hall of Hopkinsville, KY. Sliding upper portion weight: 53lbs,

8oz. Adjustable base weight: 30lbs. Total weight 83lbs, 8oz. Built 1981 -

84. Appears unfired and in new condition. Including scope rings and barrel

wrench. With extensive paperwork relating to its construction.


Giles Whittome Falling Block Single Shot Rifle .577  3" $22,450

Nitro Express

24″ tapered round barrel with long full-band front sight base, broad-based

swivel stud, and 1 standing silver-lined island-based rear express sight

engraved 50 YDS. Top of barrel engraved “Giles Whittome. London.” and

“The “Elephant” Rifle”. Left rear of barrel with 1989 London nitro proofs,

right side engraved “.577 NITRO EXPRESS 3″” and “.750 GRNS. BULLET

100 GRNS. CORDITE”. Casehardened, Farquharson-inspired, falling-block

action built by J. A. Shirley & Co with single pin visible on side, adjustable

trigger and manual top tang safety with SAFE inlaid in gold, engraved with

nearly full-coverage fine shaded scroll surrounding central floral bouquets

around banner engraved “Giles Whittome” on each side. Blued breech block

and trigger. Casehardened, scroll engraved loading lever with roller-bearing

detent, checkered at fingertip. Highly figured, dense European walnut stock

with horn forend tip, flat sidepanels fore and aft the receiver, classic point

pattern flat-top checkering wrapping fully under the forend and over the

wrist, skeleton steel capped pistol grip, beaded Monte Carlo cheekpiece,

vacant gold oval, rear swivel stud, and leather-covered recoil pad. Drop at

heel: 3″, drop at rear of Monte Carlo: 2-3/8″, drop at comb: 1-7/8″. Pull: 13

7/8". Weight: 12lbs, 8 oz. Built 1989. Excellent condition, nearly new, appears

essentially unfired since proof, with only a few light handling marks, and

some light scratches in wood. The exact rifle pictured in Whittome's catalog.

With fine quality oak and leather case with brass corners, lined in burgundy

cloth, with gold embossed black leather maker's label in lid, a pair of

rosewood handled turnscrews, 3-piece brass and rosewood cleaning rod

with mop, brush, and jag, snap cap and crystal oil bottle marked “Giles

Whittome London”.


Custom Winchester 1885 High Wall 6mm Remington $19,650

by Classic Arms Corporation. Rifle No.13

27 1/2" barrel by Ron Smith, with flat-topped ovoid profile by Ralf Martini;

beaded blade front sight, one standing gold-triangle-inlaid and 1 folding

gold-line inlaid express sights, and broad sling swivel stud. Fully figured

California English walnut stocks by Reto Buehler with ebony forend tip,

steel capped pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering, beaded pancake

cheekpiece, rear swivel stud, and smooth steel Biesen shotgun buttplate.

Original Winchester Model 1885 High Wall action with double-set trigger

and with no visible tang screws either top or bottom. Leupold Vari-X III 3.5 -

10x scope with fine duplex reticle on refined Talley quick-detachable

mounts with custom levers. Classic Arms leather sling on Winchester

SuperGrade swivels. Scroll engraved by Lee Griffiths on action, lever, grip

cap, buttplate. Pull: 14 1/8". Weight: 9lbs, 6oz. New, as custom built. With

breech-end cleaning rod guide, MCA Sports .22LR adapter, and unloading

tool by James Tucker.


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