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Lenard Brownell Custom Full Stocked .284 Win. $8,975

  Husqvarna Mauser

21" tapered round barrel with ramp front sight, engraved, "LENARD M

BROWNELL Sheridan, WYO. No.26". Full stock to the muzzle in figured

English walnut with steel forend cap, swivel studs, borderless point-pattern

and ribbon checkering, classic comb, beveled-edge pancake cheekpiece, and

trapdoor steel buttplate containing peep sight insert interchangeable with

the rear Buehler scope ring. Husqvarna controlled-feed Mauser action with

jeweled bolt, butterknife bolt handle, checkered side-tang safety, and

custom bottom metal with hinged floorplate release inside triggerguard.

Extensively, deep-chiseled and gold borderline and animal inlay engraved

by Albin Obiltschnig: forend cap, bottom metal and with a gold buck, grip

cap and with a deep-chiseled impala, bolt handle, and buttplate with a deep

chiseled bear on the trapdoor. Pull: 13 1/2". Weight: 7lbs. With properly

repaired crack at the wrist. Retaining 9%+ blue and gray finishes, very little used.


Colt ACE [1911] .22 LR $4,250

4 3/4" barrel. Blade front sight. Adjustable rear sight. Fully checkered walnut

grips. Original two-tone magazine. Mfd 1st year of production: 1931. 98%

blue. Excellent bore.


Colt Woodsman 2nd Series .22 LR $1,895

  Match Target

4 1/2" heavy barrel with blade front sight. ColtMaster adjustable rear sight.

Checkered walnut thumbrest grips. Original magazine. Mfd 1951. 99% blue.

Excellent bore. In original brown hinged box.


Darne V-20 Grade 28ga, 2 3/4" $6,950

 Sliding-Breech Shotgun

25 1/2" SxS barrels with matted swamped top rib and no bottom rib, choked

improved cylinder & modified. 15 1/4" pull from articulated front trigger to

checkered horn buttplate. 1 5/8" - 3" drop. 3/8" cast-off. Figured French

walnut stocks with horn-inlaid splinter forend, Prince-of-Wales round knob

pistol grip, and classic point-pattern checkering. French gray receiver with

extensive English rose & scroll engraving, automatic ejectors, obturating breeches,

and sliding side-mounted safety. Weight: 5lbs, 9oz. St. Etienne triple epreuve and

with the ten poincon marking of the Model V-20. Retaining 99%+ barrel blue,

excellent bores; and very little used.


Jerry Fisher Custom G33/40 Mauser 6mm Remington $14,750

22" tapered round barrel. Highly figured European walnut stock with

widow's-peaked ebony forend tip, wrap-around borderless ribbon and fleur-

de-lys checkering, sling swivel studs, steel pistol grip cap, vacant gold

initial oval, and engraved steel buttplate. Metalwork by Herman Waldron:

G33/40 action with jeweled bolt and follower, two-panel checkered bolt

knob, Canjar trigger, custom tang safety, and hinged floorplate with release

inside triggerguard. Extensively engraved by Franz Marktl with foliate scroll

on action, breech and muzzle ends of barrel, scope mounts, grip cap, bottom

metal and buttplate, and with two antelope on buttplate and another inlaid in

gold on the floorplate. And, a male cardinal engraved on the front

scopemount base. Pull: 13 5/8". Weight: 7lbs, 5oz. Jerry Fisher's stamp

inside barrel channel and with letter from him confirming his authorship.

Virtually new condition.


Jerry Fisher Custom Mauser .338 Win. Mag. $14,750

22" tapered round barrel engraved J. Fisher, Kalispell, Montana within an

scrolled border. Highly figured American black walnut stock with widow's-

peaked ebony forend tip, classic point-pattern checkering with mullered

borders: wrapping fully under the forend, inletted sling swivel studs:

pedestalled at rear, steel pistol grip cap, vacant gold initial oval, and leather-

faced Silvers red rubber recoil pad. Metalwork by Tom Burgess: Mauser

action with jeweled bolt and follower, two-panel checkered bolt knob, Canjar

trigger, custom tang safety, and hinged straddle floorplate with release

inside triggerguard. Extensively engraved by Steve Huff with foliate scroll

on action, breech and muzzle of barrel, scope mounts, grip cap and bottom

metal and with a baying elk inlaid in gold on the floorplate. Pull: 13 3/4".

Weight: 8lbs, 9oz. Virtually new condition.


Custom Mauser 1909 Argentine Action Action only; NA $3,495

  by Steve Heilmann

Refined and polished by Steve Heilmann, including: drilling and tapping for

custom bases; making, shaping, polishing and installing custom scope

bases; installing Recknagel trigger assembly with handmade trigger, shaped

and polished; installing 3-position Model 70-type safety; detailing and

stone-polishing small parts; installing and polishing Jerry Fisher bottom

metal with rounded, hinged, straddle floorplate with release inside

triggerguard; reshaping bolt handle to clear scope; and reshaping bolt stop.

Heat treated by Blanchard Metals Processing Co of Salt Lake City.

Completed in 2017 and ready for your next custom rifle project in the .257 -

.270 class. With scope rings.


H W Mortimer Cased Pair Sidelock Flintlock .64 calibre $8,950

7" flat-topped round damascus smoothbore barrels with brass bead front

sights, engraved LONDON. V-notch rear sights. Stocked to the muzzles and

with fully checkered bag-handled grips and with vacant silver escutcheons

atop wrists. Lightly-engraved sidelock actions with rain-proof pans, roller-

bearing frizzens, and sliding safeties. Long-tang triggerguard with pineapple

finials. Brass-tipped ramrod with worm retained in fire-blued pipe (one, alas,

missing). In retailer R. Essex's green-baize-lined oak case with bullet mould,

oil bottle, powder flask, cleaning rod with tips, flints, balls, turnscrew, and

bone-handled brush. Retaining 80% barrel brown, 90% original high-polish

blue on triggerguards, traces of original casehardening colors on locks.

Even the engraver's stadia lines for the maker's name are still visible on the



Bob Winter, Custom Full-Stock Mauser 7x57 Mauser $24,975

Creighton Audette &

Winston Churchill

20" tapered octagon-to-round barrel with ramp front sight and island-

mounted, gold-lined folding leaf rear sight. Fully figured European walnut

stock to the muzzle by Bob Winter with steel forend cap, double-schnabel,

inletted sling swivel bases front and rear, classic point-pattern checkering

with mullered borders wrapping fully under the forend and over the wrist,

steel skeleton pistol grip cap (checkered within), beaded pancake

cheekpiece, and steel skeleton buttplate (also checkered within). Mauser 98

action with custom bolt handle, custom bolt stop, Model 70-type safety on

original cocking piece, French-gray finished custom bottom metal with

hinged floorplate and release inside triggerguard, by Creighton Audette.

Extensively engraved by the American grand master Winston Churchill:

graceful cursive scroll on forend cap, breech, receiver, bolt knob, Brownell

quick-detachable scope rings, swivel mounts, grip cap, buttplate,

triggerguard and with a sublime Dall sheep head inlaid in gold and

surrounded with scroll on the floorplate. Monogram RWL (who, but R. L.

Wilson?) inlaid in gold on the triggerguard. Pull: 13 5/8". Weight: 7lbs, 2

1/2oz. New condition.


  L'A. Mardaga Shotgun Action Belt Buckle Set $2,495

Belt buckle consisting of the miniature breech end of a pair of barrels, fitting to the receiver of

an engraved side-by-side shotgun, unclasped by pressing the holdopen toplever to the right,

releasing the doll's head extension from the breech face. Casehardened, rose & scroll engraved

action signed by Phillipe Grifnee. Contained in an oak box with sliding engraved brass

lid. The elephant hide (?) belt strap retained in a groove around the oak box. Belgian made. This

one, number 23 of presumably a rather limited series. Virtually new condition.


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