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Dan'l Fraser Falling Block Single Shot Rifle .22 Hornet $6,995

The Black Isle, Cromarty, Scotland

24" tapered octagon-to-round barrel with gold-beaded ramp front sight, 1

standing and 2 folding gold-lined island-mounted express sights gold-inlaid

for 50, 100 and 150 yards. 14 1/8"pull to checkered horn buttplate. Highly

figured European walnut stocks with horn forend tip, classic point-pattern

checkering, horn pistol grip cap, beaded pancake cheekpiece, and vacant

gold initial oval. Miniature casehardened Fraser proprietary action with

casehardened lever and manual top tang safety. Polished steel trigger and

breechblock. Full coverage Celtic engraving on receiver, with a gold-inlaid

running hare on left and a gold capercaillie on right, all trimmed with fine

gold borderline work. Weight: 4lbs, 9oz. London nitro proved 2002. Very

lightly used.


George Gibbs, Bristol Custom Mauser .256 Gibbs Magnum $3,750

26" tapered round barrel with saddle-mounted hinged-hooded front sight,

rawhide-tie sling mount, 1 standing and 2 folding island-mounted express

sights marked for 100, 200 & 300 yards. Fully figured European walnut stock

with short and slender forend, classic point-pattern checkering with

mullered borders, steel trapdoor pistol grip cap containing two extra front

sight inserts, rear sling eye, vacant gold initial oval, classic comb, and

smooth steel buttplate. Mauser 98 action with turn-down bolt handle, hand-

scraped magazine follower, two-stage Mauser trigger with crisp let-off,

original Mauser flag safety with SAFE inlaid in gold and Gibbs custom

hinged floorplate with release inside triggerguard. London nitro proved.

Pull: 14 1/4". Weight: 7lbs, 5 3/4oz. Built 1926. Undetectable repair at wrist

by The Stock Doctor. 95%blue. Very good bore.


Martin Hagn Custom Mauser .375 H&H Mag. $11,450

26" tapered octagon barrel of Boehler Rasant steel with full length solid rib,

raised for blade front sight at muzzle, dovetailed sling swivel, and with

subtle quarter rib mounting a single gold-lined folding leaf sight engraved

for 100 yards. Highly figured oil-finished European walnut stock with horn

forend tip, classic point-pattern checkering wrapping fully under the forend

and over the wrist and with alternating mullered and borderless transitions,

engraved recoil crossbolt, steel capped pistol grip, double-beaded pancake

cheekpiece, vacant initial oval, rear swivel loop and solid black Pachmayr

recoil pad. Casehardened, pillar-bedded Mauser 98 action with fire-blued

extractor, straight-down bolt handle with engraved pear-shaped knob,

original gas-shielded bolt shroud with Jantz-type low-swing safety, custom

single-set trigger, hinged straddle floorplate with release inside triggerguard,

and Martin Hagn's silver-inlaid touchmark on front receiver ring. Zeiss

Diavari-Z 1.5-6x42 scope with 4A duplex reticle on quick-release claw

mounts. Extensively engraved (unsigned, but almost certainly by Heinz

Funk) with fine English scroll on action, bottom metal, grip cap and rib. Gold

band at breech. Pull: 14 5/8". Weight: 9lbs, 13oz. Very little used.


Steve Lisenby Custom Winchester Model 70 .270 Win. $4,350

22" tapered round barrel. Fully figured European walnut stock with ebony

forend tip, fine borderless ribbon and point-pattern checkering, inletted

swivel bases, beaded cheekpiece, classic comb, skeleton pistol grip cap and

buttplate---both checkered within. Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 controlled-

feed action with sculptured blind-screw cloverleaf rear tang, 3-panel-

checkered hollow bolt knob, jeweled magazine follower, Blackburn-type

hinged straddle floorplate with release inside triggerguard, built-up and

checkered bolt stop. Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8x matte-finish scope with fine

duplex reticle on Buehler mounts. Bottom metal engraved with ram's head in

raised gold and silver surrounded with fine English scroll by Tommy Kaye.

Pull: 13 3/4". Weight: 8lbs, 3oz. New condition.


John Manton Cased Pair Flintlock Duellers .50 Calibre $9,995

10" full octagon, scratch-rifled, damascus-twist barrels with fixed sights,

platinum touch holes, gold bands at breech and with MANTON - LONDON

inlaid in flush gold letters on top flats. Checkered, round-grip, half-stocks

with horn forend tips, ebony ramrods, iron furniture, and keyed barrel

fasteners. Rope-border-engraved flintlock actions with half-cock sliding

safeties, rain-proof pans, and roller-bearing frizzens. Triggerguards

engraved with panoply of arms. Pineapple finials. Retaining 60% barrel

brown. Built 1808. Somewhat used condition, but sound. In original

mahogany case with unengraved circular carrying handle, three-way flask,

combination cleaning rod, and bullet mold numbered to the pistols. Interior

re-lined, but displaying original trade label with 6 Dover Street address.


H. Schiering, Ferlach Underlever Snap Action 9.3x74R $7,495

Break-Open Single Shot Rifle

26" tapered octagon barrel with raised-ramp gold bead front sight, full-

length integral matted rib and 1 standing leaf sight. Figured European

walnut stock with slender schnabel forend-tipped Deeley-release forend,

classic point-pattern checkering, fluted horn-capped pistol grip, Shelhamer-

style chinstrap, swivels to barrel and buttstock and solid black rubber recoil

pad. Schiering's patent, Franz Jaeger-type tilting-breechblock-lockup border-

scroll-engraved, coin-finished action with integral sideplates, double-set

triggers, ejector and manual top tang safety. Swivels fitted to undersides of

barrel and buttstock. Zeiss Diatal 4x32mm scope with post and crossbar

reticle on quick-detachable claw mounts. Pull: 14 7/8". Weight: 7lbs, 3oz.

Built 1984. 98% blue. Excellent bore.


Gene Simillion Custom Model 70 .30-338 $19,750

24" tapered round barrel with ramp front sight base with removable-covered

slot for sight insert, sculptured sling swivel mount, quarter rib with 1

standing ivory-inlaid and two folding gold-inlaid express sights and hidden

compartment holding front sight insert. Fully figured walnut stock by Gene

Simillion with ebony forend tip, barrel lug tiedown, fine borderless wrap-

around ribbon & fleur-de-lys checkering, screwless steel-capped pistol grip,

beaded pancake cheekpiece, inletted and pedestalled rear swivel mount,

and skeleton buttplate---checkered within. Winchester pre-'64 Model 70

action with sculptured rear tang extending over comb, jeweled bolt and

follower, 5-panel checkered bolt knob with rosette, custom tang safety,

custom trigger, built-up and checkered bolt stop, hinged floorplate with

custom release, and beaded triggerguard with long tang extending to grip

cap. Leupold VX-III 1.5-5x scope with fine duplex reticle on Talley quick-

detachable rings fitted to custom double-squarebridge bases. Exquisite

quality. Extensively engraved by Mitch Moschetti with art nouveau scroll---

much of it flush gold-inlaid. Pull: 14 1/4". Weight: 9lbs, 2oz. Appears unfired.


Smith & Wesson Model 53 Jet .22 Mag & .22 Jet $86,750

Engraved and gold inlaid by Winston Churchill

6" pinned, matted-ribbed barrel with ramped blade front sight. Rear sight

adjustable for windage and elevation. Checkered, casehardened hammer

with firing-pin selector. Striated casehardened trigger. Polishing refinements

by Creighton Audette. Highly figured, smooth walnut grips. Extensively

engraved with intertwining scroll by Winston Churchill and with roadrunner

on left crane, sitting eagle on left frame, dove with olive branch on right

frame, flying eagle with arrows on right frame all in raised three-dimensional

gold. Maker's name and calibre inlaid in gold surrounded by flush gold

scroll inlay. Extensive flush gold borderline work. Raised gold scrolls on

chambers of .22 Jet cylinder; raised gold scrolls on flutes of .22 Magnum cylinder

and on triggerguard. With extensive documentation pertaining to its

construction and bills showing 1359 3/4 direct hours of Winston Churchill's

engraving time. In Churchill's custom made French-fitted mahogany display

case with engraved hardware and containing engraved turnscrew, ramrod,

handmade key, oil bottle and maker's escutcheon on lid. Extensive

paperwork and documentaion hidden inside case lid. Originally mfd 1961.

Completed by Winston Churchill in 1977 for William H D Goddard, author of

The Colt Government Models. Appears unfired. Pictured in Wilson, "Steel

Canvas", p21.


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