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Dakota 76 Safari Deluxe .30'06 $7,995

25" tapered round barrel. Highly figured European walnut stock---black-

streaked throughout---with ebony forend tip, classic borderless point-

pattern checkering (wrapping fully under the forend), steel-capped pistol

grip, inletted swivel studs, beaded cheekpiece and maker's solid black recoil

pad. Dakota 76 controlled-feed action with jeweled bolt, Model 70-type 3-

position safety, hinged straddle floorplate with release inside triggerguard,

and blind-screw cloverleaf rear tang. Polished action, bottom metal and grip

cap extensively factory engraved with deep-cut acanthus scroll and with a

buck's head on the floorplate. Leupold VX III 3.5-10x50mm scope with fine

duplex reticle on Leupold rings and engraved custom bases. Pull: 14 1/8".

Weight: 8lbs, 14oz. Built 2006 to commemorate the introduction of the .30'06

cartridge. Very little used.


Griffin & Howe Mauser Oberndorf Sporter .300 Win. Mag. $4,750

Stocked by Monty Kennedy

24" tapered round barrel with full-band, hooded front sight. Fully figured

walnut stock by Monty Kennedy with ebony forend tip, borderless wrap-

around ribbon point-pattern checkering, ebony pistol grip cap with vacant

gold escutcheon, swivel studs, beaded Monte Carlo cheekpiece, and thin

black Old English recoil pad. Mauser Oberndorf action with BUG commercial

proofs, jeweled bolt, follower and bolt stop spring, Canjar trigger, Buehler

safety, checkered bolt knob, and hinged floorplate with release inside

triggerguard. Monty Kennedy's signature escutcheon inlaid on underside of

forend. Buehler scope mounts. Weight: 7lbs, 13oz. Pull: 13 1/4". 99% blue.

Excellent bore.


Griffin & Howe Custom Schmidt & Haberman .250-3000 $4,975

Falling Block Rifle

22" tapered octagon-to-round barrel with full integral matted rib, raised at

muzzle and towards breech for a quarter rib. 14 3/8" pull from checkered

front (double-set) trigger to Neidner checkered steel buttplate. Fully figured

European walnut stocks with schnabel-tipped forend, classic point-pattern

checkering, steel-capped pistol grip, Shelhamer chinstrap, and Bavarian

cheekpiece. Schmidt & Habermann falling block action with manual top tang

safety. Casehardened action and grip cap fully engraved with Churchill-

style scroll. Redfield 1 3/4-5x scope on hand-detachable mounts fitted

directly to rib dovetails without separate bases. Weight: 7lbs, 6oz. 99%,

both barrel blue and action colors. Excellent bore.


Steven Dodd Hughes Custom Winchester 7x65R $8,450
       & Ralf Martini  1885 High Wall 

26 1/2" tapered octagon barrel with full integral rib, raised at muzzle for

brass-insert front bead and raised towards breech with quarter rib for 1

standing and 1 folding express sight and dovetailed for front Talley ring

without separate base. Fully figured European walnut stocks with ebony

forend tip, classic point-pattern checkering, steel capped pistol grip, beaded

pancake cheekpiece and Silvers red rubber recoil pad. Sling swivels to barrel

and toe of buttstock. Border scroll engraving by G Alcorn. SDH cartouche

in gold on breech end of barrel. Winchester 1885 High Wall action with

casehardened trigger, hammer and loading lever. Engraved and fire-blued

screws. Casehardened Talley 1" quick-detachable rings. Pull: 14". Weight:

7lbs, 3 1/2oz, with rings. 99%+blue. With dies & cases.


Charles Lancaster Sidelock Ejector 12ga, 2 1/2" $9,450

29" SxS chopper-lump barrels with smooth concave rib choked improved

cylinder & modified. 15" pull from front trigger to checkered wood butt. 1

1/2" - 2 1/8" drop. 3/4" cast off. Stocked to the fences with fully figured,

black-streaked European walnut, with Anson-release splinter forend, classic

flat-top point-pattern checkering, teardrops, straight English grip, and gold

oval bearing the initials ELM. Very fine English rose & scroll engraved bar-

action sidelock with gold-line cocking indicators, bushed firing pins, double

Purdey underbites, automatic top tang safety with SAFE inlaid in gold, and

automatic ejectors. Weight: 6lbs, 6 1/2oz. Built 1925. London nitro proved

for 1 1/8oz and chambers unaltered. 98% barrel blue. 30% case colors.

Ejectors in perfect time. Tight and with excellent bores. In maker's leather

trunk case with a generous set of accessories.


Lebeau Courally "Safari" Sidelock Ejector .470 Nitro Express $59,750

Double Rifle

25 1/2" SxS chopper-lump barrels with raised ramp front sight, quick-

detaching sling swivel, hand-matted quarter rib with 1 standing and 2

folding gold-lined express sights: the leaves engraved for 100 and 150

meters, and the calibre prominently inlaid in gold. 15 1/2" pull from

articulated front trigger to leather-covered recoil pad. Fully figured, oil-

finished, European walnut stocks with Anson-release semi-beavertail forend

with gold-inlaid maker's crest, classic point-pattern checkering, teardrops,

steel trapdoor pistol grip, beaded pancake cheekpiece, and flush inlaid brass

receptacle for quick-detachable sling swivel. Bolstered, polished,

casehardened action with back-action sidelocks, double Purdey underbites,

Holland's concealed third fastener, side clips, bushed firing pins, gold-

washed internals, intercepting sears, fire-blued triggers, manual top tang

safety, double-beaded triggerguard with tang extending fully to grip cap,

and top tang extending over comb. Beautifully engraved by Yves Jannsen

with a rhino scene on left, cape buffalo on right, elephant on underside, lion

head on triggerguard and leopard head on grip trap, all surrounded with

foliate scroll---deeply chiseled on the fences. Weight: 10lbs, 12 1/2oz. Built

2003. Virtually new condition. In leather-trimmed, linen-covered trunk case

with maker's label and special detachable sling swivels.


Merkel (branded) Sidelock Ejector 20ga, 2 3/4" $4,650

26 1/2" O/U matted-vent-rib barrels with twin ivory beads choked improved cylinder

& improved cylinder. 14 7/8"pull from articulated front trigger to solid red Old English

recoil pad. 1 9/16 - 2 1/4" drop. 1/4" cast off. Lightly figured European

walnut stocks with 3-piece Deeley-release field forend, gargoyle-carved

horn pistol grip cap, classic point-pattern checkering with mullered borders,

long-tang beaded-edge triggerguard, and teardrops. No swivels or cheekpiece.  Fully

scroll engraved, casehardened, bar-action sidelocks with cocking indicators, double

Purdey underbolts and double Kersten locks, Weight: 6lbs, 10oz. Branded

Gebruder Merkel; but almost certainly a (very well made) forgery. 99%+ blue

& 99% casehardening colors. Tight and with excellent bores.


Piotti King, 16ga, 2 3/4"                     $15,750.

Hand-Detachable Sidelock Ejector

28" SxS chopper-lump barrels with hand-matted concave rib, choked

improved cylinder & modified. 14 7/8"pull from articulated front trigger to

solid black Kick-Eez recoil pad. 1 1/2" - 2 1/4" drop. 3/8" cast off. Highly

figured European walnut stocks with Anson-pushbutton-release splinter

forend, straight English grip with diamond cross-section wrist, fine classic

point-pattern checkering, and beaded-edge triggerguard. Holland &

Holland-pattern bar action sidelocks with tumbler cocking indicators, and

manual top tang safety with S inlaid in gold. Holland & Holland-style scroll

engraving by S. Panteghini. Weight: 6lbs, 8oz. Built 1999. 99% barrel blue.

Tight, and with excellent bores. In maker's leather trunk case with trade label.


Gene Simillion Custom Browning/Sako .222 Mag. $5,450

24" medium-heavyweight tapered round barrel. Highly figured walnut stock

with widow's-peaked ebony forend tip, fine classic wrap-around point-

pattern checkering with mullered borders, casehardened Fisher steel pistol

grip cap, casehardened inletted swivel bases, beaded cheekpiece, classic

comb, and thin black Decelerator recoil pad. Short SAKO action with

jeweled bolt, 3-panel checkered bolt knob, Model 70-type safety, and hinged

floorplate. Weaver 6-24x42mm matte-finish scope with parallax adjustment

and fine duplex rangefinding reticle on solid fixed mounts. Pull: 13 13/16".

Weight: 8lbs, 11 1/2oz. Built 2007. Very little used.


Steyr Mannlicher Schoenauer 6.5x54MS $2,975

   Model 1952 Carbine

18" tapered round barrel with hooded, banded ramp front sight, and 1

standing and 1 folding banded-based leaf sight. Full stock to the muzzle of

plain walnut with steel forend tip, full-band swivel bale, classic point-pattern

checkering, black bakelite pistol grip cap, beaded pancake cheekpiece,

classic comb, rear swivel, and striated black bakelite buttplate. Action with

steel rotary magazine, single trigger, both Mauser-type flag and FN-type

side safeties, and custom Rigby-type bolt peep sight.. Unertl Falcon 2 3/4x

scope with fine post and crosshair reticle on original turn-off quick-

detachable mounts. Pull: 14 3/8". Weight: 8lbs. Some scratches in stock, no

extra holes in receiver, retaining 99% blue and with excellent bore.


Westley Richards Sidelock Ejector 12ga, 2 3/4"                  $19,750.

28" SxS chopper-lump barrels with smooth concave rib, choked modified &

improved modified. 14 7/8"pull from front trigger to solid black Kick-Eez

recoil pad. 1 3/8" - 1 7/8" drop. 3/8" cast off. Highly figured European walnut

stocks with Anson-pushbutton-release splinter forend, straight English

grip, classic point-pattern checkering with mullered borders---and wrapping

fully around the wrist, double-beaded-edge triggerguard, teardrops, and

gold oval bearing initials JHG. Holland & Holland-pattern bar action

sidelocks with gold-line cocking indicators, and automatic top tang safety

with SAFE inlaid in gold. Fine, classic English rose & scroll engraving by

P.M. Frenette. Weight: 6lbs, 8oz. Built 1992. 99% barrel blue. 95%

casehardening colors. Tight, and with excellent bores. In maker's oak and

leather trunk case with trade label, copious accessories and heavy canvas overcase.

Leather Charles Lancaster Cartridge Magazine $475

Brown leather with leather straps & handle. Charles Lancaster maker's label inside lid. For 200,

12 gauge, 2 3/4" cartridges.


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