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John Dickson & Son Round Action Hammerless 12ga, 2 3/4" $39,750

Toplever Ejector Cased Pair

29" SxS fluid steel chopper-lump barrels with smooth concave ribs and

nickel-silver front beads, both choked improved cylinder & modified. The

number 1 gun, 15" pull from front trigger to checkered wood butt extension;

the number 2 gun, 14" pull from front trigger to checkered wood butt. Both

guns with 1 5/8" - 2 3/8" drop and a trace of cast-off. Black streaked figured

English walnut stocks with Anson-pushbutton-release splinter forends,

straight English grips, classic point-pattern checkering and vacant initial

ovals. Fine scroll engraved actions with rib-extension third fasteners,

automatic ejectors and automatic top tang safeties with SAFE inlaid in gold.

Weights: Gun 1: 6lbs, 10oz; Gun 2: 6lbs, 8oz. London proofed in 2004. Also

with original pairs of 29" damascus dovetail-lump barrels with 2 1/2"

chambers and London nitro proofed for 1 1/8oz. All components numbered 1

& 2. Gun No.1 built in 1899 and the second added nine months later to make

the pair, both for A. L. Jessop---whose name still appears on the case lid.

Tight, and with excellent bores. All ejectors function properly and in time. In

original oak & leather double trunk case, with recently re-fit interior, and

including turnscrews, cleaning rod and tips, snap caps, oil bottle and

original leather maker's trade label.


Steven Dodd Hughes California Half-Stock .54 calibre $6,875

Percussion Rifle

32" hooked-breech slightly-tapered full-octagon barrel by Lynn Weimer

with deep-cut 1:60 twist rifling to stabilize a round ball, percussion-fenced

breechblock, blade front sight, base for (included) Rocky Mountain rear

sight, Marbles tang peep sight with custom offset base by John Madole,

and with brass-tipped ramrod retained by double thimbles. Stocked in well-

cured French walnut with cast-in-place pewter forend tip, escutcheoned key

fastener, steel triggerguard with pineapple finial and pistol-grip tang, classic

borderless flat-top checkering, beaded cheekpiece, inletted patchbox and

toeplate---both with pineapple finials, and crescent steel buttplate. Bar-

action sidelock action by Griffith Tool Co., with double-set triggers by

Walter Cain. Engraved by Mark Drain. Maker's gold-inlaid SDH cartouche at

breech. Pull: 13 7/8". Drop: 1 5/8" - 2 3/4". Cast-off: 1/2". Weight: 8lbs, 11oz.

Blued barrel, casehardened lock, breechblock and patchbox, and with

registered and fire-blued screws. Completed in 1987; the prototype for

Steven Hughes' series of nine California rifles. Very little used---although

two blacktail deer were taken with the rifle by the maker. Pictured on the

cover of GUNS Magazine, April 1989, a copy of which, amongst other

paperwork, is included.


W J Jeffrey Farquharson .450/400 3" Nitro $19,750

Falling Block Rifle Express

26" round Krieger 1:14 twist barrel with Jeffrey taper, detented-hooded full-

band front sight, custom platform-based swivel stud, 1 standing and 2

folding platinum-lined island-mounted express sights regulated for 50, 100

and 200 yards. Exhibition walnut stock by Al Lind with horn forend tip,

classic point-pattern checkering with mullered borders, steel trapdoor pistol

grip cap, escutcheon-mounted rear swivel stud, mercury recoil compensator

inside buttstock, and impala-leather-covered recoil pad. Original Jeffrey

No.1 Farquharson action trued and restored by Ed LaPour and Roger Ferrell with

several-newly made internal parts and converted from side safety to manual

top tang safety. Fine scroll engraved in original Jeffrey pattern by Bob

Evans on newly surface-ground receiver. Pull: 14 1/2". Weight: 9lbs, 13

1/2oz. Cast: Straight. Originally built ca 1903. Retailed by Lyon & Lyon,

Calcutta. Rebuilt in 2004. Retaining 99%+ barrel blue, 95% receiver

casehardening colors and 90% small-parts fire-blue. Excellent bore. In Huey

full-length oak & leather trunk case. With extensive details pertaining to its



J M Marlin Ballard No. 6 1/2 Third Model .38-55 $14,975

Rigby Off-Hand Mid Range

30" round barrel with Rigby flats, the top flat with Ballard banner intertwined

around an arrow, engraved at muzzle and with Ballard globe front sight.

Checkered, figured walnut, high-comb stock with horn-inlaid S-curved pistol

grip, cheekpiece, horn schnabel forend tip with extended widow's peak, &

nickel-plated brass Farrow-pattern scheutzen buttplate. Scroll engraved,

rebated and faceted receiver with elk on left and buffalo on right. Finger

loop loading lever. Checkered single trigger. Vernier tang sight. Weight:

9lbs, 11oz. Built ca 1880. 95% blue, 75% casecolors. Excellent bore.


Miller & Val. Greiss Sidelock Ejector 12ga, 2 3/4" $2,995

31" SxS chopper-lump barrels of Boehler Antinit steel with matted,

ventilated rib, choked full & full. 13 3/8" pull from Miller single selective

trigger in the rear position to Silvers red rubber recoil pad. 1 1/2" - 2 1/4"

drop. 3/8" cast-off. Fully figured European walnut stock with Anson-

pushbutton-release splinter forend, horn-capped pistol grip, point-pattern

checkering with scroll-detailed borders, and teardrops. English rose-and-

scroll engraved, bar-action sidelock action with Scott's crossbolt, doll's head

extension, sideclips, bushed firing pins with retaining setscrews, and

manual top tang safety. Weight: 7lbs 15oz. Retaining 99% barrel blue and

50% casehardening colors. Tight, and with excellent bores.


E. Remington & Sons Hepburn No. 3 Long Range .44 2 6/10" $12,500

Creedmoor Target Rifle, Grade C Remington

34" tapered round barrel with Rigby flats on top and sides of breech. Spirit-

level windgauge front sight. Two-position long range vernier tang sight.

Figured walnut stock with checkered splinter forend with High Grade

hardrubber tip, wrap-around checkered round knob pistol grip and early-

style plain checkered hardrubber shotgun buttplate. Smooth single trigger.

6228 on underside of barrel. 21 on breech end of forend and on lower

receiver tang. 14 1/2" pull. Weight: 9lbs, 13oz. Built ca 1880. Retaining 85%

barrel blue and 60% receiver casehardening colors.


Vouzelaud Model 5E Sidelock Ejector 12ga, 2 3/4" $2,995

30" SxS chopper-lump barrels with smooth concave rib choked skeet &

improved cylinder. 14 1/2" pull from articulated front trigger to leather-

covered recoil pad with leather-covered mounting screw plugs. 1 1/4" - 2"

drop. 1/2" cast-off. Lightly figured, oil-finished European walnut stock with

Anson-pushbutton-release splinter forend, straight English grip, fine classic

point-pattern checkering, teardrops, and vacant silver initial oval. Border-

engraved, coin-finished, bar-action sidelock action with intercepting sears,

automatic ejectors, bushed firing pins with retaining setscrews, concealed

third fastener, manual top tang safety, and finely executed mallard in flight

engraved on the underside. Weight: 6lbs, 15oz. Belgian and French proofs.

Sleeved. Ejectors in time. Tight and with excellent bores. In maker's leather

trunk case with trade label and load card.


Winchester 1873 Third Model Deluxe Rifle .38-40 Win. $50,000

24" full octagon barrel with gold-plated Beach combination front sight and

adjustable buckhorn rear sight. Full magazine. Casehardened receiver, lever,

hammer buttplate and forend cap. Single-set trigger. Graduated tang peep

sight. Highly figured, H-Checkered walnut stocks with S-curved pistol grip

with ebony inlay and trapdoor crescent buttplate containing cleaning rod.

Mfd 1886. 98% barrel blue, 95% magazine blue, 98% loading gate blue, 90%

receiver case colors. Excellent bore. With factory letter confirming

specifications. Not subject to return. Suggested examination and pickup in

Livingston, Montana.

Winchester 1885 High Wall Scheutzen .38-55 Win. $8,950

Sporting Rifle

30" #3 octagon-to-round barrel with Beach combination front sight. Mid-

range vernier tang sight. Checkered, figured walnut stock with horn-inlaid

schnabel forend, horn-inlaid S-Curve pistol grip, and Swiss buttplate.

Shipped Dec 9, 1887. 99%blue, 65% case colors. Very good bore. Factory letter.


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