Joseph Egg, London    Cased Pair of Over & Under, Single Trigger, Flintlock Coach Pistols.    .57 Calibre

Description: 6 1/2 inch over & under octagon smoothbore barrels of browned damascus steel with fine blued steel front sight, maker's name inlaid in gold on top flat, address engraved in script on bottom flat, twin gold bands inlaid at breech and platinum touch holes. Steel ramrods attached with clip to groove between barrels on left side. Engraved casehardened standing breeches with integral notch sights. Engraved sidelocks with rainproof pans, fire-blued external mainsprings whose short leg, fitted with roller bearing, controls the frizzen and whose long leg, through a stirrup, powers the hammer. French cocks with half-cock safeties and manual sliding full-cock safeties. Single triggers fire the two actions in sequence. Locks laid out so thoughtfully that while parallel and symmetrical with respect to each other, the flashpans are subtly oriented so that one fires the top and the other the bottom barrels. Bag gripped stocks of figured walnut with skullsplitter buttcaps, flat-point checkering with mullered borders, teardrops, steel triggerguards and vacant silver escutcheons. Weight: 2lbs, 4oz, each. In sound, original, baize-lined mahogany case with vacant brass escutcheon and lift-ring, makerís label bearing the royal warrant, red leather covered three-way flask, natural white patchbox, bone-handled brush, steel patch-cutter, combination ramrod/cleaning rod/worm, ball mould and two leather pouches containing balls and flints, respectively. Built ca 1820 at the apogee of the flintlock era. Extraordinary condition, with bright bores, strong traces of original casehardening colors on the locks, vivid fire-blue on mainsprings, most of the original blue on the triggerguard and buttcap, stocks with crisp checkering, almost all the original finish and barely a handling mark--- and with all the original accessories---after nearly 200 years.

Provenance: A Belgian Collector, Peter Finer, an English Collector, Geoff Walker/Flintlock Collection, Hallowell & Co.  How remarkable it is that these extraordinary pistols have survived with whereabouts unknown until the 21st Century.


The following five pages, reproduced from the hardbound Catalog for 2003, through the kind permission of Peter Finer, 38 & 39 Duke Street, St James's, London SW1Y 6DF





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