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AmerRuss Blade Arts   Jeweled Damascus Serpent Dagger $15,975.

Being a collaboration between master bladesmith, J D Smith, and jeweler, Joseph Shnayder,

this extraordinary work of art starts with 15N20 and 1084 steels forged to shape into a 7 1/2

inch, double-edged blade of finely and intricately patterned damascus. Three-dimensionally

carved and sculpted damascus quillion and pommel. Carved diamond-pattern African

blackwood grip with solid silver mounts encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds and cabochon

garnets. Hand wrought sheath of solid silver being pairs of intertwined serpents on each side,

all with ruby eyes and bordered with acanthus-engraved edges, studded with diamonds at each

intersection. Cabochon garnets at tip. Overall length: 14 inches. Materials used, as listed by the

makers, include Blade: 15N20, 1084 steels, and modified "Turkish ribbon" core, high density

"WS" edges. Silver: 11.29 oz. Rubies: 8 round faceted, 0.64 carats total. Diamonds: 159 round

brilliant, 6.43 carats total. Garnets: 6 pear-shaped Mozambique cabochon. Handle: African

blackwood. In red velvet, satin and tan leather-lined case. Completed in 2011 and in new condition.

    Steve Brooks, Butte, Montana Damascus Drop-Point Hunter $550

4 inch ladder-pattern damascus blade with tapered tang and file-cut spine. Damascus guard. 8 3/4

inch overall length. Smooth walnut scales retained by three steel. Lanyard loop. Number 0803

H standing for Brooks' 3rd knife of 2003 and Hand tempered. With form-fitting leather sheath

numbered to the knife. New condition.


  Steve Brooks, Butte, MT Damascus Drop-Point Hunter $550

4 inch damascus blade with full tapered tang and file-cut thumbrest. Damascus guard. 8 1/2 inch

overall length. Smooth kingwood scales retained by four brass pins. Brass ferrule lanyard hole.

Number 0902 H, standing for Brooks' 2nd knife of this pattern made in 2009, and Hand

tempered. With form-fitting leather sheath numbered to the knife. New condition.


  Ken Davis Boot Knife $825

3 1/2" drop-point blade with full tang. Smooth scales retained with two copper-

mosaic inlaid nickel-silver pins. Hibaki-finished silver bolster. Vertical gripping

grooves at rear of bolster and front of handle. Tooled leather sheath.


  Don DeZarn, Anchorage, AK Damascus Drop-Point "King's Hunter" $850

4 3/4" heavy blade of Couch, Bear Paw pattern damascus steel with full tapered tang. 9 1/2"

overall length. Steel bolster, scroll engraved by James White, Wasilla, AK. Smooth moose

antler scales retained by two broad engraved pins. Steel ferrule lanyard loop. With tooled leather

sheath. New condition.


  Curt Erickson.   Washington, Utah Custom Dagger $1595.

5 3/4" double-edged blade of polished steel. Helix-fluted one-piece ebony grip with twisted

silver wire inlays. Floral scroll engraved quillion. Overall length: 10 3/4". New condition. 

    Ronald A. Frazier Custom Damascus Dagger $1,975

7 1/2" wavy kris-style double-edged blade of gray-blue damascus steel. One-piece, crosshatched

and gold-pique-inlaid ebony grip. S-shaped quillion of blued, polished steel. Overall length: 12

1/2". New condition.  


  Ron Gaston, Woodruff, SC Drop Point Hunter $575

3 3/4" blade. Tapered tang. Stag grips lined in red, retained with four steel pins and locked

under beveled rear edge of bolster. Stainless bolster with integral finger groove. Overall length 8

1/4". With leather sheath.


Wayne Goddard Skinner $950

4 1/2" blade engraved 440XH Forged '97, and with WG monogram. Smooth, curved, one-piece

walnut grip with bone inlay. Mokume gane bolster and pommel. Overall length 9 1/4". Snug-fit

leather sheath, with WG monogram.

    Robert Hayes No. 3 Custom Boot Knife $695

4 1/4" double-edged blade of polished steel. Elongated sculptured bolster of nickel-silver. Stag

scales secured with two rivets. Overall length: 8". New condition. 


Knives Hollett, Fate, TX Hunter $425

5" blade with file-cut thumbrest. One-piece stag grip with brass guard, stacked leather and

brass spacers and brass buttcap Dates 8 - 93. Overall length: 9 7/8". Appears unused.

  Joe Kious, for Classic Arms Cape Knife $425

Slender 2 5/8" hollow-ground, drop-point blade. Brass guard. Comfortable, full-round, curved

stag handle. Made for Lloyd Chiswick's, Classic Arms Corporation and pictured in his 1981-82

catalog. With leather sheath.


  D F Kressler, Munchen Drop Point Hunter $2,950

4" blade with tapered tang. Steel machined from one homogeneous billet of BG-42 stainless

steel: blade, tang, and bolsters. Checkered thumb grip. Stag grips, retained by two tubular steel

pins. Integral lanyard loop. 9" overall length. 7 7/8" overall length. Leather sheath. New


    Tommy Lee, Gaffney, SC Stag Fighter $495

6" double-edged, center-spined blade of 154CM steel. Full tapered tang. Stag grips on black

liners retained with four steel pins. Flush stainless steel bolsters. Overall length 10 3/4". With

dark brown leather sheath.

  Randall Custom Model 5 Camp & Trail Knife $495

6" blade with 3" semi-sharp clip-point edge. Top of blade in front of hilt notched for thumb

placement. Single brass hilt. Rounded ivory Micarta grip. Overall length: 10 3/4". Original

leather sheath with orange carborundum stone. Excellent condition.


  Willie Rigney Custom Dagger $1,750.

5 7/8" double-edged blade of polished steel. Helix-fluted one-piece grip of well-grained petrified

bone (?) with twisted silver wire inlays. Acanthus scroll engraved pommel and quillion. Overall

length: 10". New condition. 

    Willie Rigney Custom Engraved Dagger $1,895

5 7/8" double-edged blade of polished steel. Smooth one-piece grip of dark, burled walnut.

Engraved quillion and pomell. Signed K monogram. Overall length: 10 3/8". New condition.  

Unsigned, but for maker's Touchmark Bowie $475

7 3/8" blade with false edge and file-cut spine. One-piece stag grip with file-cut end caps.

Bronze-patinated quillion. 12" overall length. Tooled leather sheath.

  Vinson Drop Point Hunter $275

3 1/2" blade. One-piece stag grip. #40. New condition. With leather sheath. 


  Robert Washburn Custom Knife $375

3 1/4" blade with lightly file-worked spine. Tapered tang. Stag scales. Overall length: 7 1/4".

Virtually new condition.  


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