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We are a mail-order and retail store, open to the public, with hundreds of fine vintage, modern, collectible and sporting guns on display, and with a clientele all over the world. We buy, sell, trade, accept for consignment and appraise fine vintage, modern, sporting and collectable firearms, custom knives and Japanese swords. Photos of the Store.

Hallowell & Co. incorporated as a full-time, federally-licensed firearms business in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1983. In 1999, we sold our Greenwich building to Griffin & Howe and moved to Livingston, Montana. While it was not possible on US Route 1 in Connecticut---in Montana, we can shoot any of our guns from the front door and no one complains.

Our primary interests lie in high quality, artisanal sporting guns in fine original condition---single shot rifles, custom rifles, double shotguns and double rifles by the best makers, from the beginning of the cartridge era to the present.

We advise, consult, and we bid for our customers at public auction.

We ship guns to your receiving dealer, postage and insurance paid---normally via US Registered Mail, the safest way of shipping anything---for your inspection upon receipt of certified funds and a signed copy of a gun dealer's license (Federal Firearms License / FFL). If you decide not to keep your purchase for any reason, call us and return it within three days of its arrival. We will refund your money promptly for guns returned within three days of arrival at your dealer, in the same condition as sent.  Ordering Information.

Many of our best guns go to regular customers before they appear in any of our advertising. Please let us know what you are looking for so we can let you know personally when we come across something you might like.  Email:

In our listings, all length of pull measurements for double-trigger guns are taken from the front trigger to the center of the butt---however terminated. All weights are quoted, unloaded, and including such telescopic sights as may be included, rounded off to the nearest ounce. All double guns are hammerless, toplever; all rifle barrels are round; all shotgun barrels are fluid steel; all stocks are point-pattern checkered---unless stated otherwise. For an illustrated glossary of firearms-related terms, see our Firearms Dictionary.

To view more photographs of a gun, click on the thumbnail photo beside any gun's description. To see the best detail, enlarge your browser's window to full frame, then move your eyes back a few feet from your screen. In the interest of showing as much detail as possible, some images may be larger than your screen---you should be able to scroll your window both vertically and horizontally to see each photo in its entirety.

Regarding condition of guns: Our rating by percentages refer to the amount of original finish remaining. 99%blue, 90%casecolors means one percent of the blue is worn off with white steel showing through and ten percent of the casehardening colors are worn off with white steel showing through. We admit this is only a quick shorthand for a thorough discussion of condition and that evaluation of remaining finish is somewhat judgmental, but one can only put so much information in a description. Please contact us for a full discussion of the condition of any item or to request specific further photographs. Email:

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We are open Monday - Friday, 10 - 6, Mountain Time. We look forward to being of service.


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