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Colt 1911 Government Model .45 ACP $4,250

5" barrel with P proofmark on underside. Checkered diamond walnut grips.

Lanyard loop mainspring housing. Lanyard loop two-tone magazine.

Inspector's mark: 61 on upper right side of triggerguard. R on frame near

disconnect. Slide numbered to frame. S/N C130288. Mfd 1921. 98%blue.


Colt 1911A1 Government Model, .45 ACP $5,000

New York State

5" barrel. Long narrow checkered hammer. All-blue magazine marked Colt 45

Auto on base. Marked "Property of the State of New York" on right side of

slide. Checkered brown plastic grips with molded rampant Colt. Colt

inspector marks: 71 on top right of triggerguard; Q on top left. Full blue

magazine marked COLT / 45 AUTO on base. Shipped Dec 16, 1950 to New

York State Arsenal, Brooklyn, NY for issue to NY National Guard. One of

250. With Colt letter for another pistol in the shipment. S/N 247387C.



Colt 1911A1 US Army .45 ACP $4,000

5" barrel. Checkered brown plastic grips. Lanyard loop mainspring housing.

GHD inspected. British proofed. Bottom of magazine lip stamped C-S and

top of magazine lip stamped S --- for Scovil subcontract for Colt. S/N

1712254. Mfd 1944. Released British Gov't 1952. 99% parkerized.


Colt 1911A1 Government Model .45 ACP $5,000

5" barrel. Checkered walnut grips. Checkered trigger. Lanyard loop

mainspring housing. Unmarked two-tone magazine. Inspector mark 60. Final

inspector mark l. S/N C159002. Mfd 1931. 99%blue.


Colt 1911A1 Ace .22 LR $6,500

4 3/4" barrel. Adjustable rear sight. Checkered walnut grips. Inspector mark

20 on upper right side of triggerguard. Two-tone magazine. S/N 3567. 1st

year production 1931. 99%blue. [MLH]


Colt 1911A1 Service Model Ace - .22 LR $7,500


5" barrel. Stevens adjustable rear sight. Slide numbered to frame. Checkered

walnut grips. Two-tone magazine. Shipped July 20, 1938 to Harper &

Reynolds, Los Angeles. S/N SM615. 96% commercial blue. Factory letter.


Colt 1911A1 Service Model Ace - .22 LR $8,500

US Property

5" barrel. Improved Stevens adjustable rear sight. Checkered lanyard-loop

mainspring housing. Checkered hammer. Checkered brown plastic grips.

Parkerized. Crossed-cannon at right rear of frame. No inspectors mark.

Hardness-test mark on upper left side of triggerguard. S/N SM7402. Mfd

1944-5. New in box, with extra magazine in original wrapper.


Industria Argentina Ballester Molina/Rigaud .22 LR $4,500

Training Pistol [1911a1]

5" barrel. Fixed sights. Argentinian version of the Colt Service Model Ace,

with Williams-type, floating chamber. Skip-line slide serrations. No grip

safety. Vertically striated walnut grips. Horizontally-striated lanyard-loop

mainspring housing. Striated hammer spur. Slide and barrel numbered to

frame. 1930s production. Fabricada por "HAFDASA" (Hispano Argentina

Fabrica de Automoviles Sociedad Anonima). No military or importer's

markings. Unmarked, all-blue ACE-type magazine. S/N 72633. 99%

commercial blue.


Ithaca 1911A1 .45 ACP $6,000

Pre-Production Prototype

5" barrel. Parkerized. Left side of slide stamped ITHACA GUN CO., INC /

ITHACA, N.Y. No marking on right side of slide. Right side of the frame

marked UNITED STATES PROPERTY with No. underneath, but with no

serial number present. Instead, serial number "4X" hand-stamped, upside

down, ahead of the slide stop pin. M 1911 A1 U.S. ARMY stamped further

forward on the frame than standard position. All markings applied prior to

Parkerizing. Faint concentric-circle stamped magazine-release button.

Serrated plunger tube tip. Checkered trigger and hammer; serrated thumb

safety and slide stop. Large-radius Ithaca-slide ejection port. All-blue barrel

with P on left side of lug; F on right. No other assembly or inspectors marks

whatsoever. Un-numbered slide with bushed firing-pin hole. All-blue

unmarked magazine with "MS" scratched into the left side. Lanyard loop

mainspring housing. Checkered brown Keyes Fiber plastic grips. S/N X4,

with the 4 stamped upside down. Mfd 1943(?). 95% parkerized. Excellent

bore. Allegedly belonging to Silver star recipient, Brig Gen Maxwell C.

Snyder, with signed photo.


Kongsberg Model 1914 [1911] .45 ACP $3,950

Vaapenfabrikk, Norway

5" barrel. Fixed sights---the rear sight fire-blued. Checkered diamond walnut

grips finished in black. Frame, slide, takedown latch, thumb safety, grip

safety, hammer, trigger, magazine release, firing pin retaining plate and

mainspring housing all numbered together. Lanyard loop mainspring

housing. Lanyard loop magazine. Left side of slide marked with Norwegian

Crown over 11.25 M/M AUT. PISTOL M/1914-NO 11755; right side dated

1926. 98% black phosphate finish. Norwegian copy of a Colt 1911, the

standard issue Norwegian side arm from 1917 through 1945, with a total of

32,854 manufactured. With WWII Norwegian leather holster, shoulder strap

and three-pocket magazine pouch with three additional magazines.

Reportedly purchased from the WWII vet who captured it from an Officer in

Europe, and that the last time it was used he shot a German infiltrator.


Remington Rand 1911A1 .45 ACP $8,000

Experimental Remington Rand Series

5" barrel. No markings whatsoever but serial number on frame and HS on

barrel. Keyes Fibre checkered brown plastic grips with strengthening ribs

and without reinforcing rings. Blued small parts. Checkered hammer and

slide stop. Lanyard loop mainspring housing. Unmarked single-tone

magazine. S/N ERRS 63. Mfd 1943. 98% parkerized.


Remington Rand 1911A1 .45 ACP $3,950

Springfield Armory National Match

5" barrel. Colt slide, numbered to frame: 2114. Micro rear target sight.

Striated aluminum trigger. Checkered walnut grips. Checkered hammer.

Checkered front gripstrap. Knurled mainspring housing with lanyard loop.

FJA inspected. SA marked on right frame. NM on right top of triggerguard.

P on top rear of slide and near magazine release. T behind trigger on right.

Frame S/N 1352114. NM7790313 on barrel. NM7790313 on barrel bushing.

Originally mfd 1943. Match rework 1961. 99% Parkerized.


Remington Rand 1911A1 US Army .45 ACP $2,750

5" barrel. Checkered brown Keyes fibre grips. Lanyard loop mainspring

housing. Checkered hammer and safety. P behind magazine release.

Inspectors marks: Y at top of right triggerguard; U at bottom right; 4 at top

left. FJA inspected. Crossed canons on rear right side of frame. S/N 2057003.

Mfd 1944. New.


Remington UMC 1911 US Army .45 ACP $4,000

5" barrel. Fixed sights. Checkered diamond walnut grips. Lanyard loop

mainspring housing. Two-line model marking on right side of slide. E above

firing pin stop. Eagle/28 above magazine release. Unmarked two-tone

magazine. EEC inspected (Edmund E. Chapman). E on top left of

triggerguard. 41 on top right of triggerguard. S/N 5566. Shipped week of Nov

7, 1918. Subsequently AA marked --- 98% Augusta Arsenal blue.


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